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Choosing the right Littmann Stethoscope

Category: Medical Supplies

The stethoscope is a quintessential piece of medical equipment used to listen to internal sounds of the body (or auscultation). Stethoscopes are a useful tool in assessing, diagnosing and monitoring patients; therefore, to improve patient care, it is important to ensure the most suitable stethoscope is used based on requirements and scope of practice.


Doctor Folding his Arms with a Stethoscope

Sutures for Minor Surgery

Category: Sutures

Many years of questions from GP surgeries concerning "which suture is best" has lead us to a simple formula.

Intrauterine Device (IUD) - Fitting, Removal & Possible Complications

An overview of fitting, removal and complications that can occur when using an IUD for contraception

Gloves - Latex Allergies Explained

Category: Gloves

Latex issues are a high priority for the majority of people within the healthcare industry. With over 93% of surgeons and nurses concerned about the risks, it is important to gain some insight into this topic.

The Importance of Colour Coded Products in Medical Environments

The importance and use of colour coded cleaning materials and equipment within your practice - January 2021

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