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ACBS Advisory Committee on Borderline Substances
CHEM Chemicals
CLA Claimable
GSL General Sales list
IVF I.V Fluids
NP Named Patient
OTC Over the Counter
P Pharmacy Only
POM Prescription Only Medicine
RF Refrigerator Item
RV Reduced VAT
WOR Written Order Required
Product Code Classification Presentation Pack Size Strength / Size  
Acetazolamide MWACE02A POM Tablets 112 250mg View
Acetylcholine Miochol-E MWMIO01A POM Vial 1 1% / 2mls View
Aciclovir MWACI01B POM Tablets 25 200mg View
Acktierall Sol MWACK01A POM Cutaneous Solution 1 25ml / 0.5% / 10% View
Acriflex MWACR01A GSL Antiseptic Burns Cream 1 30g View
Actrapid MWACT03A POM, RF Injection 10ml 100iu/ml View
Acular (Ketorolac Trometamol) MWACU01A POM Dropper 1 0.5% / 5mls View
Adalat LA Nifedipine MWADA01C POM Tablets 28 20mg View
Adalat LA Nifedipine MWADA01D POM Tablets 28 30mg View
Adalat LA Nifedipine MWADA01E POM Tablets 28 60mg View
Adalat Nifedipine MWADA01A POM Capsules 90 10mg View
Adalat Nifedipine MWADA01B POM Capsules 90 5mg View
Adalat Retard Nifedipine MWADA01F POM Tablets 56 10mg View
Adalat Retard Nifedipine MWADA01G POM Tablets 56 20mg View
Adapalene Differin MWDIF04A POM Cream 1 0.1% / 45g View
Adapalene Differin MWDIF04B POM Gel 1 0.1% / 45g View
Adcal-D3 MWADC02B P Soluble Tablets 56 1.5g / 400iu View
Adcortyl MWADC01C CLA, POM Vial 1 1.5% / 5ml View
Adodart (Dutasteride) MWAVO02A POM Capsules 30 0.5mg View
Adrenaline MWADR04A-SINGLE POM Pre-Filled Syringe 1 1mg/1ml / 1/1000 View
Adrenaline Epinephrine MWADR01A CLA, POM Ampoules 10 1/1000 1mg/1ml View
Adrenaline Epipen (Adult) MWEPI01A CLA, POM Auto-Injector 1 0.3mg, 1 in 1000 View
Adrenaline Epipen (Junior) MWEPI01B CLA, POM Auto-Injector 1 0.15mg, 1 in 2000 View
Adrenaline Junior Epinephrine MWADR04B POM Pre-Filled Syringe 1 1:10,000 / 1mg/10ml View
Adrenaline Junior Epinephrine MWADR04B-CLE POM Pre-Filled Syringe 1 1:10,000 / 1mg/10ml View
Aethoxysklerol MWAET01C-CLE POM Ampoules 5 x 2ml 3% (30mg/ml) View
Aethoxysklerol MWAET01C POM Ampoules 5 x 2ml 3% (30mg/ml) View
Aethoxysklerol MWAET01B POM Ampoules 5 1% / 2ml View
Aethoxysklerol MWAET01A POM Ampoules 5 0.5% / 2ml View
Aknemycin Plus (Tretinoin) MWAKN01A POM Solution 1 25ml View
Alcon BSS Solution MWALC01A POM Droptainer Bottle 1 15ml View
Aldara MWALD01A POM Cream Sachet 12 5% View
Allopurinol MWALL01C POM tablets 28 100mg View
Allopurinol MWALL01D POM Tablet 28 300mg View
Alphagan Eye Drops MWALP01A POM Dropper 1 0.2% / 5ml View
Ametop MWAME01A RF, P Gel 1 1.5g / 4% View
Aminophylline MWAMI01A CLA, POM Ampoules 10 250mg / 10mls View
Aminophylline Sugar Free MWAMI01B P Slow Release Tablets 56 225mg View
Amiodarone Hydrochloride MWAMI04A CLA, POM Pre-Filled Syringe 1 300mg / 10ml View
Amisulpride MWAMI06A POM Tablet 60 200mg View
Amitriptyline MWAMI02C POM Solution 1 25mg / 5ml, 150ml View
Amitriptyline - Sugar Free MWAMI02D POM Solution 1 50mg / 5ml, 150ml View
Amorolfine Nail lacquer 5% 3ml MWAMO03A POM Lacquer 3ml 5% View
Amorolfine Nail lacquer 5% 5ml MWAMO03B POM Lacquer 5ml 5% View
Amoxicillin MWAMO01K POM Capsules 15 500mg View
Amoxicillin MWAMO01L POM Capsules 15 250mg View
Amoxicillin MWAMO01B POM Capsules 500 250mg View
Amoxicillin MWAMO01C POM Capsules 100 500mg View
Amoxicillin MWAMO01D POM Capsules 21 250mg View
Amoxicillin MWAMO01E POM Capsules 21 500mg View
Amoxicillin MWAMO01H POM Powder 2 Sachets 3gm View
Amoxicillin Sugar Free MWAMO02A POM Suspension 1 125mg/5ml/100ml View
Amoxicillin Sugar Free MWAMO02C POM Suspension 1 250mg/5ml, 100ml View
Ampicillin (Penbritin) MWAMP04A POM Capsules 28 250mg View
Androcor cyprostat (Cyproterone) MWAND02B POM Tablets 84 100mg View
Androcur Cyprostat (Cyproterone) MWAND02A POM Tablets 56 50mg View
Angeliq MWANG01A POM Tablets 84 1mg / 2mg View
Anthisan MWANT01A P Cream 1 20g View
Antiseptic Cream Germolene MWGER01C GSL Cream 1 30g View
Anusol MWANU01B GSL Bismuth Salts 1 23g View
Anusol MWANU01C GSL Bismuth Salts 1 43g View
Aqueous MWAQU04A GSL Cream 1 500g View
Arcoxia MWARC01B POM Tablets 28 90mg View
Arcoxia Etoricoxib MWARC03A POM Tablets 7 120mg View
Arcoxia Etoricoxib MWARC02A POM Tablets 28 30mg View
Arcoxia Etoricoxib MWARC01A POM Tablets 30 60mg View
Arnica MWARN01C GSL Cream 1 30g View
Artelac Hypromellose MWART02A P Eye drops 1 0.32 % / 10ml View
Artelac Night MWART02B P Cream 1 10g View
Artificial Tears Minims MWMIN01Q P Dropper 20 0.44% View
Aspirin MWASP01E GSL Tablet 32 300mg View
Aspirin MWASP02B P Dispersible Tablet 100 75mg View
Aspirin MWASP02C GSL Dispersible Tablet 28 75mg View
Aspirin MWASP02D GSL Tablets 32 300mg View
Aspirin MWASP01G POM Tablets 100 300mg View
Aspirin EC MWASP01C P Tablets 56 75mg View
Aspirin EC MWASP01F P Tablets 100 300mg View
Astral MWAST01A OTC Cream 1 200ml View
Astral MWAST02A OTC Cream 1 500ml View
Atenolol MWATE01A POM Tablets 28 50mg View
Atenolol MWATE01B POM Tablets 28 25mg View
Atenolol MWATE01C POM Tablets 28 100mg View
Atovaquone / Proguanil Hydrochloride MWATO02A Tablets 12 250mg/100mg View
Atracrium MWATR04B POM Ampoules 10 50mg / 5ml View
Atropine MWATR01A CLA, POM Ampoule 10 0.6mg/ml View
Atropine Sulphate MWATR01C CLA, POM Tablets 28 600mcg View
Atropine Sulphate Eye Drops MWATR01I POM Dropper 1 1% / 10ml View
Atropine Sulphate Minims MWMIN01Z POM Droppers 20 1% View
Atrovent Inhaler Ipratropium Bromide MWATR02E POM Inhaler 200 20mcg View
Atrovent UDV Ipratropium Bromide MWATR02B CLA, POM Vials 20 250mcg/ 1ml View
Atrovent UDV Ipratropium Bromide MWATR02C CLA, POM Vials 20 500mcg/ 2ml View
Audiclean Ear Cleansing MWADU02A OTC Spray 1 115ml View
Augmentin Co-Amoxiclav MWAUG01B POM Tablets 21 375mg View
Augmentin Co-Amoxiclav MWAUG01G POM Tablets 21 625mg View
Avelox Moxifloxacin MWAVE02A POM Tablets 5 400mg View
Avloclor Chloroquine MWAVL01A POM Tablets 20 250mg View
Azithromycin MWAZI01A POM Tablets 4 250mg View
Azithromycin MWAZI01B POM Tablets 3 500mg View
Azithromycin MWAZI02A POM Suspension 1 30ml View
Azithromycin MWAZI02B POM Suspension 1 15ml View
Azithromycin MWAZI01C POM Capsules 4 250mg View
Azopt (Brinzolamide) MWAZO01A POM Eye drops 1 5ml View

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