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ACBS Advisory Committee on Borderline Substances
CHEM Chemicals
CLA Claimable
GSL General Sales list
IVF I.V Fluids
NP Named Patient
OTC Over the Counter
P Pharmacy Only
POM Prescription Only Medicine
RF Refrigerator Item
RV Reduced VAT
WOR Written Order Required
Product Code Classification Presentation Pack Size Strength / Size  
Calamine MWCAL04A OTC Lotion 1 200ml View
Calcitonin (Salmon) MWCAL12A POM Solution for Injection Ampoules 5 100units/ml View
Calcium Chloride MWCAL01D POM Prefilled Syringe 1 10% / 10ml View
Calcium Gluconate Injection MWCAL02A CLA, POM Ampoule 1 10%, 10ml View
Calpol Fast Melts 6+ MWCAL05C OTC Tablets 12 250mg View
Calpol Infant Suspension Sugar Free MWCAL05F OTC Suspension 1 120mg/5ml,200ml View
Calpol Six Plus Sugar Free MWCAL05D OTC Suspension 1 100ml View
Calpol Sugar Free MWCAL05A P Sachets 12 120mg / 5ml View
Canesten MWCAN03A P Cream 1 1% / 20g View
Canesten MWCAN03D P Spray 1 40ml View
Canesten Clotrimazole MWCAN03C P Cream 1 1% / 50g View
Canesten Duo MWCAN03F OTC Tablets & Cream 1 View
Captopril MWCAP02A POM Tablets 56 25mg View
Carbamazepine MWCAR07B POM Tablet 28 200mg View
Carbamazepine MWCAR07A POM Tablets 56 200mg View
Catapres MWCAT01A POM Ampoules 5 0.15mg/ml View
Caustic Pencil MWCAU01B P Pencil 1 95% View
Caustic Pencil (Red) MWCAU01C GSL Pencil 1 40% View
Cefalexin MWCEF02F POM Capsules 28 250mg View
Cefalexin MWCEF01A POM Suspension 1 125mg/5ml, 100ml View
Cefalexin MWCEF01B POM Suspension 1 125mg / 5ml / 100ml View
Cefalexin MWCEF02B POM Capsules 21 500mg View
Cefalexin MWCEF02E POM Capsules 100 500mg View
Cefalexin MWCEF03A POM Tablets 21 500mg View
Cefalexin MWCEF03C POM Tablets 28 250mg View
Cefixime Suprax MWSUP02C POM Tablets 7 200mg View
Cefotaxime MWCEF04C CLA, POM Vial 10 2g View
Cefotaxime MWCEF04B CLA, POM Vial 1 500mg View
Cefotaxime MWCEF04D CLA, POM Vial 10 1g View
Cefuroxime MWCEF06A-CLE POM Tablets 14 250mg View
Cefuroxime MWCEF06A POM Tablets 14 250mg View
Cefuroxime Zinacef MWZIN01B POM Vials 1 1.5g View
Celebrex MWCEL05B POM Tablets 60 100mg View
Celebrex (Celecoxib) MWCEL05E POM Capsules 60 100mg View
Celebrex Celecoxib MWCEL05D POM Capsules 20 200mg View
Celluvisc (Carmellose) Eye Drops MWCEL01B P Ampoules 30 0.5% in 0.4ml View
Celluvisc Eye Drops MWCEL01A P Ampoules 30 1% / 0.4ml View
Cerazette MWCER03A POM Tablets 28 x 3 75mcg View
Cerelle MWCER05A POM Tablet 28 75mcg View
Cernevit Multivitamin solution for injection BA3GM057R29 POM Vial 10 5ml View
Cerumol MWCER01A P Dropper 1 11ml View
Cetavlex MWCET04A GSL Cream 1 0.5% / 50g View
Cetirizine MWCET01A P Tablets 30 10mg View
Cetraben MWCET02B OTC Emollient Cream 1 50g Pump Dispenser View
Cetraben MWCET02A GSL Emollient Cream 1 500g Pump Dispenser View
Cetraxal Plus MWCET05A POM Ear Drops 15 3mg/ml, 0.25ml View
Champix Maintenance Varenicline Tartrate MWCHA02B POM Tablets 56 1mg View
Chloramphenicol MWCHL01B POM Ointment 1 1% 4g View
Chloramphenicol MWCHL01C POM, RF Eye Drops 1 0.5%, 4g, 10ml View
Chloramphenicol Minims MWMIN01T POM, RF Eye Drops 20 0.5% View
Chlorhexadine Glucontae Original MWCHL10A GSL Liquid 1 0.2%, 300ml View
Chloroquine Avloclor MWAVL01A POM Tablets 20 250mg View
Chlorphenamine MWCHL04A CLA, POM Ampoules 5 10mg/1ml View
Chlorphenamine MWCHL05B P Tablets 28 4mg View
Chlorphenamine MWCHL11A P Solution 1 2mg/5ml, 150ml View
Chlorpramazine Largactil MWLAR01A POM Ampoules 10 50mg / 2ml View
Chlorpromazine MWCHL09C POM Tablets 28 25mg View
Chlorpromazine MWCHL09A POM Tablets 28 50mg View
Chlorpromazine MWCHL09B POM Tablets 28 100mg View
Cilest Contraceptive MWCIL02A POM Tablets 3 x 21 250mcg/35mcg View
Cipralex MWCIP02G POM Tablets 28 10mg View
Cipralex MWCIP04A POM Tablets 28 5mg View
Ciprofloxacin MWCIP02A POM Tablets 20 250mg View
Ciprofloxacin MWCIP02B POM Tablets 10 250mg View
Ciprofloxacin MWCIP02C POM Tablets 10 500mg View
Ciprofloxacin MWCIP02D POM Tablets 20 500mg View
Ciprofloxacin MWCIP02E POM Tablets 10 750mg View
Ciproxin (Ciprofloxacin) MWCIP01D POM Tablets 10 500mg View
Ciproxin (Ciprofloxacin) MWCIP01F POM Tablets 10 250mg View
Ciproxin (Ciprofloxacin) MWCIP01I POM Infusion - Infusion Bottle 2 100ml / 2mg/ml View
Ciproxin (Ciprofloxacin) MWCIP03A POM Suspension 1 100ml View
Ciproxin (Ciprofloxacin) MWCIP01K POM Tablets 10 750mg View
Citalopram MWCIT03B POM Tablets 28 40mg View
Citalopram MWCIT03A POM Tablets 28 20mg View
Citalopram MWCIT04B POM Tablets 28 10mg View
Citanest Plain MWCIT01F POM Vial 1 1% 50ml View
Clarithromycin MWCLA04A POM Tablets 14 250mg View
Clarithromycin MWCLA04B POM Tablets 14 500mg View
Clarityn MWCLA02B OTC Tablets 7 10mg View
Clarityn MWCLA02D OTC Tablets 30 10mg View
Clexane MWCLE02E CLA, POM Injection 10 120mg View
Clexane MWCLE02F CLA, POM Injection 10 150mg View
Clexane Enoxaparin MWCLE02C CLA, POM Pre-Filled Syringe 10 100mg / 1ml View
Clexane Enoxaparin MWCLE02D CLA, POM Pre-Filled Syringe 10 60mg / 0.6ml View
Clindamycin MWCLI02C POM Capsules 30 300mg View
Clindamycin MWCLI02D POM Injection 5 300mg / 2ml View
Clindamycin MWCLI02D-CLE POM Injection 5 300mg / 2ml View
Clindamycin MWCLI03A POM Capsules 24 150mg View
Clinitas MWCLI01D OTC Eye Drops 30 0.4% / 0.5ml View
Clintas Hydrate MWCLI01C OTC Eye Gel 1 0.20% / 10g View
Clintas Soothe MWCLI01B OTC Droppers 20 0.4% View
Clobetasol Dermovate MWDER01B POM Ointment 1 30g View
Clomid MWCLO11A POM Tablet 30 50mg View
Clonodine MWCLO07A POM Tablets 112 25mcg View
Clopixol (Zuclopenthixol) MWCLO01B CLA, POM Ampoules 10 200mg/1ml View
Clopixol (zuclopenthixol) Acuphase MWCLO01C CLA, POM Ampoules 5 50mg/1ml View
Clopixol (zuclopenthixol) Acuphase MWCLO01D CLA, POM Ampoules 5 100mg/2ml View
Clopixol concentrate (Zuclopenthixol) MWCLO01A POM Ampoules 5 500mg/1ml View
Clotrimazole MWCLO10A P Cream 1 1%, 20g View
Co-Amoxiclav MWCOA03B POM Tablets 21 500mg / 125mg / 625mg View
Co-Amoxiclav MWCOA03D POM Tablets 21 250 / 125mg / 375mg View
Co-Amoxiclav Augmentin MWAUG01B POM Tablets 21 375mg View
Co-Amoxiclav Augmentin MWAUG01G POM Tablets 21 625mg View
Co-Amoxiclav Sugar Free MWCOA01A POM Suspension 1 250mg / 62mg / 5ml / 100ml View
Co-Amoxiclav Sugar Free MWCOA01B POM Suspension 1 125mg / 31mg / 5ml / 100ml View
Cobalin-H Hydroxocobalamin MWCOB01A POM Vial 5 1000mic/gm View
Co-Codamol MWCOC01C P Tablets 32 8mg / 500mg View
Co-Codamol MWCOC01D POM Tablets 100 8mg / 500mg View
Co-Codamol MWCOC01E POM Tablets 100 30mg / 500mg View
Co-Codamol MWCOC01F POM Tablets 30 30mg / 500mg View
Co-Codamol MWCOC02A POM Tablets 500 8/500mg View
Co-Codamol MWCOC02C POM Effervescent Tablets 32 8mg / 500mg View
Co-Codamol MWCOC02E POM Capsules 100 30mg / 500mg View
Co-Codamol MWCOC03D POM Effervescent Tablets 100 30mg/500mg View
Co-Codamol MWCOC01G POM Tablets 30 8mg / 500mg View
Co-Cyprindiol Dianette MWDIA05A POM Tablets 3 x 21 2000mcg/35mcg View
Codeine Linctus Sugar Free MWCOD02F POM Suspension 1 200ml View
Codeine Phosphate MWCOD02G POM Tablets 28 15mg View
Codeine Phosphate MWCOD02C POM Tablets 28 30mg View
Codeine Phosphate MWCOD02E POM Tablets 28 60mg View
Co-Dydramol MWCOD03A POM Tablets 30 10mg/500mg View
Co-Dydramol MWCOD03B POM Tablets 500 10mg / 500mg View
Co-Dydramol MWCOD03C POM Tablets 100 10mg / 500mg View
Colchicine MWCOL05A POM Tablets 100 500mcg View
Colpermin MWCOL01A GSL Capsules 100 0.2ml View
Combivent UDV (Salbutamol/Ipratropium) MWCOM03A CLA, POM Vial 60 2.5ml View
Co-phenotrope MWCOP02A POM Tablet 100 2.5mg/0.025mg View
Corsodyl MWCOR03C P Gel 1 50g View
Cosopt (Dorzolamide/Timolol) MWCOS03A POM Eye Drops 1 2% / 0.5% x 5ml View
Covonia MWCOV01A OTC Syrup 1 150ml View
Covonia Dry & Tickly Cough MWCOV01B OTC Syrup 1 150ml View
Crotamiton Eurax MWEUR01B GSL Lotion 1 10% / 100mls View
Crotamiton Eurax HC MWEUR01A GSL HC Cream 1 10%/30g View
Crystacide (Hydrogen Peroxide) MWCRY03B P Cream 1 25g View
Crystapen Benzylpenicillin MWCRY01A CLA, POM Powder Vials 2 600mg View
Crystapen Benzylpenicillin MWCRY01C CLA, POM Vials 25 600mg View
Cuplex (Salicylic Acid) MWCUP01A P Gel 1 5g View
Cuprofen MWCUP02A OTC Tablets 96 400mg View
Cutimed Protect Spray BF72653-00 OTC Spray 1 28ml View
Cyclizine Lactate MWCYC04B POM Ampoules 5 50mg / ml View
Cyclopentolate Minims MWMIN01H POM, RF Eye Drops 20 1% View
Cyclopentolate Minims MWMIN01R POM, RF Eye Drops 20 0.5% View
Cymalon - Cranberry MWCYM01A OTC Sachets 6 4g View
Cymbalta MWCYM02A POM Capsule 28 30mg View
Cyprostat MWCYP02A POM Tablet 84 100mg View
Cyprostat MWCYP02B POM Tablet 168 50mg View
Cyproterone (Androcor cyprostat) MWAND02B POM Tablets 84 100mg View
Cytamen Cyanocobalamin MWCYT02A CLA, POM Ampoules 5 1mg View

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