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ACBS Advisory Committee on Borderline Substances
CHEM Chemicals
CLA Claimable
GSL General Sales list
IVF I.V Fluids
NP Named Patient
OTC Over the Counter
P Pharmacy Only
POM Prescription Only Medicine
RF Refrigerator Item
RV Reduced VAT
WOR Written Order Required
Product Code Classification Presentation Pack Size Strength / Size  
Daktacort MWDAK03A POM, RF Cream 1 30g View
Daktacort MWDAK03B POM, RF Cream 1 15g View
Daktacort MWDAK03C POM Ointment 1 2% / 1% / 30g View
Daktarin MWDAK01B OTC Activ Cream 1 2% / 30g View
Daktarin Miconazole MWDAK01G P Cream 1 2% / 30g View
Daktarin Miconazole MWDAK01E GSL Spray Powder 1 100g View
Daktarin Miconazole MWDAK01F OTC Powder 1 20g View
Daktarin Miconazole Activ MWDAK01C OTC Activ Cream 1 15g View
Daktarin Miconazole Gold MWDAK01D OTC Gold Cream 1 15g View
Daktarin Miconazole Oral MWDAK02A POM Gel 1 2% / 80g View
Dalacin C (Clindamycin) MWDAL01A POM Capsules 100 150mg View
Dalacin C (Clindamycin) MWDAL01B POM Capsules 24 75mg View
Dalacin C Phosphate MWDAL01D POM Capsules 5 600mg / 4mls View
Dalmane Flurazepam MWDAL06A POM Capsules 30 15mg View
Dantrium MWDAN01A POM Ampoules 12 20mg View
Deca-Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) MWDEC02A CLA, POM Ampoules 1 50mg/1ml View
Decapeptyl MWDEC03B CLA, POM Vial + Diluent 1 11.25mg View
Decapeptyl SR MWDEC03C CLA, POM Vial + Diluent 1 22.5mg View
Decapeptyl SR Triptorelin MWDEC03A CLA, POM Vial + Diluent 1 3mg View
Deep Freeze MWDEE01B GSL Spray 1 150ml View
Deep Heat MWDEE01C OTC Spray 1 150ml View
Deep Heat MWDEE01A OTC Rub 1 67g View
Deep Heat MWDEE01D OTC Rub 1 35g View
Deltacortril (Prednisolone) MWDEL01A POM Tablets 30 5mg View
Depakote MWDEP05A POM Tablet 90 500mg View
Depixol (flupentixol) MWDEP03B CLA, POM Ampoules 10 20mg/1ml View
Depixol (flupentixol) MWDEP03C CLA, POM Ampoules 10 40mg/ml 2ml View
Depixol (Flupentixol) Low Volume MWDEP03D CLA, POM Ampoules 5 200mg/1ml View
Depixol concentrate MWDEP03A CLA, POM Ampoules 10 100mg/1ml View
Depo Medrone Lidocaine Methylprednisolone MWDEP02E-SINGLE POM Vial 1 40mg / 1ml View
Depo Medrone Lidocaine Methylprednisolone MWDEP02F-SINGLE POM Vial 1 80mg / 2ml View
Depo Medrone Methylprednisolone MWDEP02C-SINGLE POM Vial 1 40mg / 1ml, 3mls View
Depo-Medrone (Methylprednisolone) MWDEP02A-SINGLE POM Vial 1 40mg/1ml View
Depo-Provera MWDEP01B POM Vial 1 150mg / 1ml View
Dequadin MWDEQ01A P Lozengers 20 0.25mg View
Dermationics Dry Skin MWDER06D POM Balm 1 500ml View
Dermol MWDER04B P Wash 1 5% / 200ml View
Dermol 500 Pump Action MWDER04A P Lotion 1 500ml View
Dermovate Clobetasol MWDER01B POM Ointment 1 30g View
Desferal (Desferrioxamine) MWDES05A CLA, POM Powder Vials 10 500mg View
Desmopressin MWDES02B POM Tablet 30 0.2mg View
Dexamethasone MWDEX04C POM Vial 10 6.6mg / 2ml View
Dexamethasone MWDEX04D POM, RF Ampoules 10 3.8mg/ml View
Dexamethasone MWDEX03G POM Tablets 50 4mg View
Dexamethasone MWDEX03A POM Tablets 50 2mg View
Dexamethasone MWDEX03D POM Tablets 500 2mg View
Dexamethasone MWDEX03E POM Tablets 100 2mg View
Dexamethasone MWDEX03F POM Tablets 28 500mcg View
Dexamethasone Minims MWMIN01Y POM Ampoules 20 0.1% View
Dexsol MWDEX02A POM Solution 16 2mg/5ml, 150ml View
Dextrogel MWDEX05B ZV, OTC Gel 3 25g View
Dextrogel Glucose MWDEX05C OTC Oral Gel 1 80g View
Dextrosol Energy Glucose MWDEX01A OTC Tablets 14 Natural View
DF118 Forte (Dihydrocodeine) MWDF101A POM Tablets 100 40mg View
DHC Continus (Dihydrocodeine) MWDHC01A POM Tablets 56 120mg View
DHC Continus (Dihydrocodeine) MWDHC01B POM Tablets 56 90mg View
DHC Continus (Dihydrocodeine) MWDHC01C POM Tablets 56 60mg View
Diabuct UBT (Helicobacter Test) MWDIA11A POM Tablet 1 Heliocobacter Test View
Diamox MWDIA06A POM SR Capsules 30 250mg View
Dianette Co-Cyprindiol MWDIA05A POM Tablets 3 x 21 2000mcg/35mcg View
Diazemuls MWDIA04A CLA, POM Ampoules 10 10mg/2ml View
Diazepam MWDIA01A CLA, POM Ampoules 10 10mg/2ml View
Diazepam MWDIA01B POM Tablets 28 5mg View
Diazepam MWDIA01C POM Tablets 28 2mg View
Diazepam MWDIA01D POM Tablets 500 10mg View
Diazepam MWDIA02A POM Syrup 1 5mg / 5ml / 100ml View
Diazepam MWDIA01G POM Tablets 28 10mg View
Diclofenac MWDIC03A POM Gastro-Resistant Tablets 28 50mg View
Diclofenac MWDIC03B POM Gastro-Resistant Tablets 84 50mg View
Diclofenac MWDIC03C POM Modified Release Capsules 28 100mg View
Diclofenac MWDIC03D POM Suppositories 10 100mg View
Diclofenac MWDIC03E POM Gastro-Resistant Tablets 28 25mg View
Diclofenac Sodium (Voltarol) MWVOL01B CLA, POM Ampoules 10 75mg / 3mls View
Diclofenac Sodium (Voltarol) MWVOL01O POM Suppositories 10 12.5mg View
Diclofenac Sodium (Voltarol) MWVOL01Q POM Suppositoties 10 25mg View
Diclofenac SR MWDIC03F POM Tablets 28 75mg View
Differin Adapalene MWDIF04A POM Cream 1 0.1% / 45g View
Differin Adapalene MWDIF04B POM Gel 1 0.1% / 45g View
Digoxin Lanoxin MWLAN02C CLA, POM Vial 5 0.5mg / 2ml View
Dihydrocodeine MWDIH01A POM Tablets 100 30mg View
Dihydrocodeine MWDIH01B POM Syrup 1 10mg x 5ml / 150mls View
Dihydrocodeine MWDIH01C POM Tablets 30 30mg View
Dioralyte MWDIO01A P Sachets 20 Citrus View
Dioralyte MWDIO01H GSL Sachets 6 Blackcurrant View
Dioralyte MWDIO01I P Sachets 20 Blackcurrant View
Dioralyte MWDIO01J GSL Sachets 6 Citrus View
Diprobase MWDIP02C GSL Cream 1 50g View
Diprobase MWDIP02B GSL Ointment 1 50g View
Diprobase MWDIP02D GSL Ointment 1 500g View
Diprobase + Dispenser MWDIP02A GSL Cream 1 500g View
Domperidone MWDOM03A POM Tablets 100 10mg View
Doublebase MWDOU01A P Gel 1 100g View
Dovobet MWDOV01A POM Ointment 1 120g View
Dovobet MWDOV01B POM Ointment 1 60g View
Doxapram Hydrochloride MWDOX04A POM Injection 5 20mg/ml / 5ml View
Doxycycline MWDOX01A POM Capsules 8 100mg View
Doxycycline MWDOX01B POM Capsules 28 50mg View
Doxycycline MWDOX03A POM Capsules (Blister pack) 50 100mg View
Doxycycline MWDOX03B POM Capsules (Tub) 50 100mg View
Doxycycline Periostat MWPER01A POM Tablets 56 20mg View
Driclor MWDRI01A OTC Roll on Solution 1 20% 20ml View
Driclor MWDRI01B OTC Roll on solution 1 75ml View
Dukoral MWDUK01A CLA, POM, RF Granules and Vial 2 5.6g / 3ml View
DuoFilm MWWAR02C P Wart Treatment 1 16.7% / 15ml View
Duraphat Flouride Varnish DDPFV010 POM Varnish 1 50mg/ml View
Duraphat Toothpaste 2800 MWDUR02B-SINGLE POM Paste 1 75mls / 2800ppm View
Duraphat Toothpaste 2800 MWDUR02B POM Paste 6 75mls / 2800ppm View
Duraphat Toothpaste 5000 MWDUR03A POM Paste 1 51g / 5000ppm fluoride View
Durolane (Hyaluronic Acid) MWDUR04A POM Prefilled Syringe 1 20mg / ml / 3ml View
Dutasteride MWDUT01A POM Capsules 30 0.5mg View
Dynarex A & D MWDYN02A GSL Ointment 144 5g sachet View
Dynastat Parecoxib MWDYN01B POM Vials 5 40mg View

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