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ACBS Advisory Committee on Borderline Substances
CHEM Chemicals
CLA Claimable
GSL General Sales list
IVF I.V Fluids
NP Named Patient
OTC Over the Counter
P Pharmacy Only
POM Prescription Only Medicine
RF Refrigerator Item
RV Reduced VAT
WOR Written Order Required
Product Code Classification Presentation Pack Size Strength / Size  
Gabapentin MWGAB01A WOR Capsules 100 100mg View
Gabapentin MWGAB01B WOR Tablet 100 600mg View
Gabapentin MWGAB01C WOR Capsules 100 300mg View
Galpseud MWGAL02A POM Tablet 24 60mg View
Gaviscon - Handy Pack MWGAV04B OTC Tablets 16 Combination View
Gaviscon Advance (Aniseed) MWGAV01B P Liquid 1 500ml View
Gaviscon Advance (Aniseed) MWGAV01C OTC Liquid 1 150ml View
Gaviscon Advance (Peppermint) MWGAV02A P Tablets 60 Combination View
Gedarel 20/150 MWGED01A POM, RV Tablet 3 x 21 20mcg / 150mcg View
Gedarel 30/150 MWGED01B POM, RV Tablet 3 x 21 30mcg / 150mcg View
Gelofusine MWGEL02A POM, IVF IV Bag 1 500ml View
GelTears (Carbomer) MWGEL03A P Gel 10g - View
Genticin Eye/Ear Drops MWGEN03A POM Dropper 1 0.3% / 10ml View
Gentisone Hc Ear Drops MWGEN02A POM Dropper 1 10ml View
Gentropin Miniquick MWGEN05A POM Dual Compartment Syringe 7 0.6iu, 0.2mg View
Gentropin Miniquick MWGEN05B POM Dual Compartment Syringe 7 1.2iu, 0.4mg View
Gentropin Miniquick MWGEN05C POM Dual Compartment Syringe 7 1.8iu, 0.6mg View
Gentropin Miniquick MWGEN05D POM Dual Compartment Syringe 7 2.4iu, 0.8mg View
Gentropin Miniquick MWGEN05E POM Dual Compartment Syringe 7 3.0iu, 1.0mg View
Gentropin Miniquick MWGEN05F POM Dual Compartment Syringe 7 3.6iu, 1.2mg View
Gentropin Miniquick MWGEN05G POM Dual Compartment Syringe 7 4.2iu, 1.4mg View
Gentropin Miniquick MWGEN05H POM Dual Compartment Syringe 7 4.8iu, 1.6mg View
Gentropin Miniquick MWGEN05I POM Dual Compartment Syringe 7 5.4iu, 1.8mg View
Gentropin Refill Cartridge MWGEN05K POM Refill Cartridge 1 5.3mg View
Gentropin Refill Cartridge MWGEN05L POM Refill Cartridge 1 12mg View
Germolene Antiseptic Cream MWGER01C GSL Cream 1 30g View
Glandosane Natural Spray MWGLA02A OTC Spray 1 50ml View
Glucagen Kit MWGLU02A CLA, POM, RF Vial & Syringe 1 1mg View
Glucobay MWGLU05A POM Tablets 90 50mg View
Glucobay MWGLU05B POM, ZV Tablets 90 100mg View
Glucogel MWGLU07B ZV, OTC Gel 3 25g View
Glucogel Hypostop MWGLU07A POM, ZV Gel 1 80gm View
Glucophage MWGLU04A POM Tablets 56 850mg View
Glucophage MWGLU04B POM Tablets 84 500mg View
Glucosamine BI29360 OTC Tablets 60 750mg View
Glucosamine & Chondroitin MWGLU10A OTC Tablet 90 400mg/100mg View
Glucose MWGLU01G P Powder 1 500g View
Glucose - Polyfusor D FR22-66-830 POM Solution 1 5% / 500ml View
Glucose - Polyfusor D FR22-66-830-CLE POM Solution 1 5% / 500ml View
Glucose 10% BAFE0163 POM Viaflo 20 500ml View
Glucose Energy Dextrosol MWDEX01A OTC Tablets 14 Natural View
Glucose Free Flex IV Bag FR22-95-180 POM, IVF IV Bag 1 5% / 1000mls View
Glucose IV MWGLU01A CLA, POM Ampoule 1 50% 500mg/ml 50mls View
Glucose IV MWGLU01C CLA, POM Ampoule 10 50% / 20mls View
Glucose IV MWGLU01D POM Vial 25 50% / 50mls View
Glucose Sodium Chloride Steriflex FR23-20-938 POM, IVF IV Bag 20 5% / 0.9% / 500mls View
Glucose Steriflex IV Solution FR22-95-148E POM, IVF IV Bag 20 5% / 500mls View
Glutarol Glutaraldehyde MWGLU01F P Solution with Applicator 1 10% / 10mls View
Glycerol Adult MWGLY01B POM Suppositories 12 4g View
Glycerol Child MWGLY01J POM Suppositories 12 2g View
Glyceryl Trinitrate MWGLY01A P Sublingual Tablets 100 500mcg View
Glyceryl Trinitrate Nitrolingual Spray MWNIT01A P Metered Pump Spray 1 0.4g View
Glycine for Irrigation BA3KB7317 Viaflex Bag 4 1.5% 3000ml View
Glycopyrronium Bromide MWGLY01G POM Injection 10 200mcg / 1ml View
Glycopyrronium Bromide & Neostigmine MWGLY01E POM Ampoules 10 0.5mg/ml / 2.5mg/ml View
Goserelin Zoladex MWZOL01C CLA, POM Syringe with needle shield 1 3.6mg View
Griseofulvin MWGRI01A POM Tablets 100 500mg View
Griseofulvin MWGRI02A POM Suspension 1 125mg / 5mls / 100mls View
Griseofulvin MWGRI03A POM Tablets 100 125mg View
Gygel MWGYG01A GSL Contraceptive Gel 1 30g View
Gynest MWGYN02B Applicator 1 View
Gynest (Estriol) MWGYN02A POM Cream 1 0.01% / 80g View

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