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ACBS Advisory Committee on Borderline Substances
CHEM Chemicals
CLA Claimable
GSL General Sales list
IVF I.V Fluids
NP Named Patient
OTC Over the Counter
P Pharmacy Only
POM Prescription Only Medicine
RF Refrigerator Item
RV Reduced VAT
WOR Written Order Required
Product Code Classification Presentation Pack Size Strength / Size  
Pabrinex IM High Potency MWPAB01B CLA, POM, RF Ampoules 10 x 2 7mls View
Pabrinex IM High Potency MWPAB01C CLA, POM Ampoules 10 Pairs 5ml / 2ml View
Paludrine MWPAL01A P Tablets 98 0.1g View
Paludrine MWPAL01C P Tablets 98 & 14 100mg / 250mg View
Paracetamol MWPAR01A POM Tablets 1000 500mg View
Paracetamol MWPAR01B POM Tablets 100 500mg View
Paracetamol MWPAR01D GSL Tablets 16 500mg View
Paracetamol MWPAR01E POM Soluble Tablets 100 500mg View
Paracetamol MWPAR01F POM Caplets 32 500mg View
Paracetamol MWPAR01H OTC Soluble Tablets 24 500mg View
Paracetamol MWPAR01M GSL Capsules 16 500mg View
Paracetamol MWPAR01N POM Capsules 32 500mg View
Paracetamol MWPAR02B P Suspension 1 (250mg/5mls) 100mls View
Paracetamol MWPAR02C P Suspension 1 (120mg/5mls) 100mls View
Paracetamol MWPAR03A P Suppositories 10 500mg View
Paracetamol MWPAR03B P Suppositories 10 120mg View
Paracetamol MWPAR03C P Suppositories 10 240mg View
Paracetamol MWPAR01O POM Capsules 100 500mg View
Paracetamol MWPAR01J POM Tablets 32 500mg View
Paracetamol MWPAR02E POM Vial 10 10mg:ml / 100ml View
Paracetamol IV MWPAR02F Vial + Container 1 10mg/ml / 100ml View
Paracetamol Sugar Free MWPAR02D P Suspension 1 250mg / 5ml / 200mls View
Paracetamol Sugar Free MWPAR02A P Suspension 1 200mls / 120mg / 5ml View
Paramax MWPAR09A POM Sachets 42 500mg / 5mg View
Parecoxib Dynastat MWDYN01B POM Vials 5 40mg View
Partubolin SDF (Anti-D) MWPAR06A POM Pre-Filled Syringe 1 1250iu/ml / 250mcg/ml View
Penicillamine MWPEN03A POM Tablets 56 250mg View
Penicillin V MWPEN01C POM Syrup 1 125mg / 5ml / 100mls View
Penicillin V Elixir Sugar Free MWPEN01D POM Suspension 1 100mls / 125mg / 5mls View
Penicillin V Elixir Sugar Free MWPEN01E POM Suspension 1 100mls / 250mg / 5mls View
Penicillin V Sugar Free MWPEN01F POM Suspension 1 125mg / 5ml View
Penicillin VK MWPEN01B POM Tablets (Blistered) 28 250mg View
Peptac - Aniseed MWPEP02A P Liquid 1 500ml View
Periostat Doxycycline MWPER01A POM Tablets 56 20mg View
Permitabs Potassium Permanganate MWPER06A POM Tablet for Solution 30 400mg View
Pethidine MWPET01A WOR Injection 10 50mg / 1ml View
Pethidine MWPET01B WOR Injection 10 100mg / 2ml View
Pevaryl MWPEV01A P Cream 1 30g View
Phenergan MWPHE02C P Tablets 56 25mg View
Phenergan Elixir MWPHE02B P Solution 1 5mg / 5ml / 100ml View
Phenergan Promethazine Hydrochlor MWPHE02A CLA, POM Ampoules 10 2.5% / 25mg / 1ml View
Phenlyephrine Minims MWMIN01S POM Eye Dropper 20 2.5% View
Phenol LMCH0002 CHEM Liquid 1 80% / 100ml View
Phenol Oily MWPHE01C CLA, POM Ampoules 10 5% / 5mls View
Phenylephrine Minims MWMIN02B P Eye Dropper 20 10% View
Pholcodine Linctus MWPHO01A P Solution 1 200ml View
Phosphate Enema MWPHO02A P Enema 1 128ml View
Physis Advanced Probiotics MWPRO26A OTC Capsules 30 View
Pickles MWPIC01A P Ointment 1 28g View
Pilocarpine Minims MWMIN01I POM Eye Dropper 20 2% View
Piportil Depot Pipothiazine Palmitate MWPIP01A CLA, POM Ampoules 10 50mg / 1ml View
Piportil Depot Pipothiazine Palmitate MWPIP01B CLA, POM Ampoules 10 100mg / 2mls View
Piriton MWPIR02A P Tablets 30 4mg View
Piriton MWPIR02C P Syrup 1 150ml View
Piriton Allergy MWPIR02B POM Tablets 500 4mg View
Plasma Lyte 148 Solution BAFKE0324 POM Viaflo 10 1000ml View
Plavix MWPLA02A POM Tablet 30 75mg View
Polycal Neutral MWPOL01A ACBS Liquid 1 200mls View
Polycal Orange MWPOL01E ACBS Liquid 1 200ml View
Polyfusor B - Sodium Bicarbonate FR23-16-234 POM Solution 1 8.4% / 200ml View
Polyfusor D - Glucose FR22-66-830 POM Solution 1 5% / 500ml View
Polyfusor D - Glucose FR22-66-830-CLE POM Solution 1 5% / 500ml View
Polyfusor S - Sodium Chloride FR22-66-520 POM Solution 1 0.9% / 500ml View
Ponstan MWPON01A POM Capsules 100 250mg View
Ponstan Forte MWPON01B POM Tablets 100 500mg View
Potassium Chloride MWPOT02C POM Injection 10 15% 10ml View
Potassium Chloride & Sodium Chloride BAFKE1984 POM Viaflo 10 0.3% & 0.9%, 1 litre View
Pred Forte Eye Drops MWPRE02A POM Dropper 1 1% / 5mls View
Prednisolone MWPRE03A POM Tablets - Non Coated 28 5mg View
Prednisolone MWPRE03C POM Soluble Tablets 30 5mg View
Prednisolone MWPRE03E POM Tablets 28 5mg View
Prednisolone MWPRE03G POM Tablets (E/C) 28 2.5mg View
Prednisolone MWPRE03J POM Oral Solution 10 5mg/5ml View
Prednisolone (Deltacortril) MWDEL01A POM Tablets 30 5mg View
Prednisolone Minins MWMIN01M POM Ampoules 20 0.5% View
Prednisolone Minins MWMIN01M-CLE POM Ampoules 20 0.5% View
Prenoxad (Naloxone) MWPRE10A POM pre-filled syringe 1 1mg/1ml x 2ml View
Primolut-N MWPRI05A POM Tablets 30 5mg View
Prochlorperazine Stemetil MWPRO14A POM Tablets 84 5mg View
Proctosedyl MWPRO15B POM Ointment 1 30g View
Procyclidine MWPRO23A POM Tablet 28 5mg View
Progynova MWPRO21B POM Tablets 3 x 28 2mg View
Progynova Estradiol MWPRO21A POM Tablets 84 (3 x 28) 1mg View
Progynova TS MWPRO21C POM Patch 12 50mcg View
Propecia MWPRO10A POM Tablets 28 1mg View
Propofol-lipuro MWPRO03C POM Vials 5 1% / 20ml / 10mg/ml View
Propofol-Lipuro MWPRO03D POM 10 1%10mg/ml 50ml View
Propofol-Lipuro MWPRO03H POM Vial 10 1000mg in 50ml View
Propoven Fresenius MWPRO03F POM Ampoules 5 1% 20ml View
Propranolol MWPRO08A POM Tablets 28 40mg View
Propranolol MWPRO08B POM Tablets 56 80mg View
Propranolol MWPRO08C POM Tablets 28 10mg View
Prostap 3 DCS Leuprorelin Acetate MWPRO02B CLA, POM Prefilled Syringe 1 11.25mg Plus Solvent View
Prostap SR DCS Leuprorelin Acetate MWPRO02A CLA, POM Prefilled Syringe 1 3.75mg Plus Solvent View
Pro-Viron Mesterolone MWPRO22A POM Tablets 30 25mg View
Proxymetacaine Minims MWMIN01G POM, RF Eye Dropper 20 0.5% / 0.5ml View
Pulmicort Repsules Budesonide MWPUL02A POM Ampoules 20 0.5mg / 2mls View
Pulmicort Repsules Budesonide MWPUL02F POM Ampoules 20 1mg / 2mls View
Pulmicort Turbohaler MWPUL02D POM Inhaler 200 Doses 100mcg View
Pulmicort Turbohaler 400 MWPUL02C POM Inhaler 50 doses 400mcg View
Puregon (Follitropin Beta) MWPUR02A CLA, POM, RF Cartridge 1 300iu View
Puregon (Follitropin Beta) MWPUR02B CLA, POM, RF Cartridge 1 600iu View
Puregon (Follitropin Beta) MWPUR02C CLA, POM, RF Cartridge 1 900iu View
Puregon (Follitropin Beta) MWPUR02D CLA, POM, RF Vial 1 100iu View
Puregon (Follitropin Beta) MWPUR02E CLA, POM, RF, RV Vial 1 50iu View

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