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ACBS Advisory Committee on Borderline Substances
CHEM Chemicals
CLA Claimable
GSL General Sales list
IVF I.V Fluids
NP Named Patient
OTC Over the Counter
P Pharmacy Only
POM Prescription Only Medicine
RF Refrigerator Item
RV Reduced VAT
WOR Written Order Required
Product Code Classification Presentation Pack Size Strength / Size  
Saizen (Somatropin) MWSAI01C CLA, POM Solution for Injection 1 12mg View
Saizen (Somatropin) MWSAI01D CLA, POM Solution for Injection 1 20mg View
Saizen (Somatropin) MWSAI01E CLA, POM Solution for Injection 1 6mg View
Saizen (Somatropin) Click easy MWSAI01B CLA, POM Vial + Solvent 1 8mg View
Salactol Wart Paint MWSAL06A P Paint 1 10ml View
Salamol Steri-Neb Salbutamol MWSAL05A CLA, POM Polyamps 20 2.5mg / 2.5ml View
Salamol Steri-Neb Salbutamol MWSAL05B CLA, POM Polyamps 20 5mg / 2.5ml View
Salatac Gel MWSAL07A GSL Gel 1 8g View
Salbutamol MWSAL01B POM Nebuliser solution 20 2.5mg / 2.5ml View
Salbutamol Aerosol Ventolin Evohaler MWVEN02B POM Inhaler 200 Doses 100mcg View
Salbutamol Inhaler MWSAL01A POM Inhaler 1 100mic/gms View
Salicylic Acid LMCH0001 CHEM Ointment 1 60% / 25g View
Saline Steripoule MWSAL02A POM Vial 20 0.9%/2.5ml View
Sandostatin LAR Octreotide MWSAN05A POM Pre-Filled Syringe + Needles 1 20mg View
Sandostatin LAR Octreotide MWSAN05B POM Vial + Pre-Filled Syringe + Needles 1 30mg View
Savlon OPTIONS OTC Cream 1 15g View
Saxenda Liraclutide MWSAX01A POM, RF Pre-Filled Pen 5 6mg / 3ml View
Scandonest MWSCA02A POM Dental Cartridge 50 3% 2.2ml View
Scheriproct MWSCH03A POM Suppositories 12 1mg / 1mg View
Scheriproct MWSCH03B POM Ointment 1 30g View
Septanest Articaine MWSEP02B POM Dental Cartridge 50 4% 2.2ml 1:100,000 View
Septanest Articaine MWSEP02C POM Dental Cartridge 50 4% 2.2ml 1:200,000 View
Sertraline MWSER05A POM Tablets 28 50mg View
Sevoflurane MWSEV02A POM Inhalant 6 250ml View
Silver Nitrate MWSIL01A P Sticks 100 75% View
Silver Nitrate MWSIL01B P Sticks 100 95% View
Silver Sulfadiazine Flamazine MWFLA03A POM Cream 1 1% 50g View
Silver Sulfadiazine Flamazine MWFLA03B POM Cream 1 1% / 20g View
Silver Sulfadiazine Flamazine MWFLA03C POM Cream 1 1% / 250g View
Silver Sulfadiazine Flamazine MWFLA03D POM Cream 1 1% / 500g View
Simple Eye MWSIM01A P Ointment 4g - View
Simple Linctus MWSIM03A GSL Solution 1 200ml View
Simvastatin MWSIM02B POM Tablets 28 20mg View
Sinutab MWSIN01B P Tablets 15 500mg / 30mg View
Skinoren (Azelaic Acid) MWSKI02A POM Cream 1 20% / 30G View
Sno Tears MWSNO01B P Liquid 10ml 1.4% View
Sodium Bicarbonate MWSOD01A POM Ampoule 1 8.4% 100ml View
Sodium Bicarbonate MWSOD01B POM Ampoules 10 8.4% / 10mls View
Sodium Bicarbonate MWSOD01C CLA, POM Minijet 1 8.4% / 50mls View
Sodium Bicarbonate MWSOD01D OTC Ear Drops 1 10ml View
Sodium Bicarbonate MWSOD01F OTC Powder 1 200g View
Sodium Bicarbonate - Polyfuser B FR23-16-234 POM Solution 1 8.4% / 200ml View
Sodium Chloride FR22-95-172 POM, IVF Bag 1 0.9% / 1litre View
Sodium Chloride BAFKB1323G POM, IVF Bag 1 0.9% 500ml View
Sodium Chloride BAFKE1324G POM, IVF Bag 1 0.9% 1000ml View
Sodium Chloride MWSOD02B CLA, POM Ampoules 10 0.9% / 5mls View
Sodium Chloride MWSOD02C CLA, POM Ampoules 10 0.9% / 10mls View
Sodium Chloride PMPAMB1000S OTC Liquid 1 0.9% / 1000ml View
Sodium Chloride PMPAMB500S OTC Liquid 1 0.9% / 500ml View
Sodium Chloride BN436322(SINGLE) POM Squeezy Bottle 1 0.9% 100ml View
Sodium Chloride BAFKE1254 POM Viaflex Bag 1 0.18% / 4% / 1000ml View
Sodium Chloride - Polyfuser S FR22-66-520 POM Solution 1 0.9% / 500ml View
Sodium Chloride (Freeflex) FRB248951 POM Liquid 1 0.9% / 100ml View
Sodium Chloride / Glucose Free Flex IV Solution FRK588521 POM, IVF IV Bag 20 0.18% / 4% / 500ml View
SODIUM CHLORIDE 0.9% INTRAVENOUS INFUSION VIAFLO 100ML (POM) BAFE1307 POM, IVF Solution for infusion Each ml contains 9 mg sodium chloride. View
Sodium Chloride Bacteriostatic MWSOD09A POM Vial 1 0.9% / 30mls View
Sodium Chloride Bacteriostatic Saline (Tor-Bac) MWSOD09B POM Ampoules 10 0.9% 5ml View
Sodium Chloride Concentrate MWSOD13A POM Liquid 10 10ml View
Sodium Chloride Freeflex FR22-88-532 POM Liquid 1 0.9% / 250ml View
SODIUM CHLORIDE INTRAVENOUS INFUSION 0.9% VIAFLO 250ML (POM) BAFPE1322 POM, IVF Solution for infusion Each ml contains 9 mg sodium chloride. View
Sodium Chloride Minims MWMIN01F-CLE GSL Eye Dropper 20 0.9% View
Sodium Chloride Minims MWMIN01F GSL Eye Dropper 20 0.9% View
Sodium Chloride Miniplasco MWSOD03B CLA, POM Liquid 20 0.9% / 5ml View
Sodium Chloride Miniplasco MWSOD03C CLA, POM Liquid 20 0.9% / 10ml View
Sodium Chloride Miniplaso MWSOD03D CLA, POM Liquid 20 0.9% / 20ml View
Sodium Chloride Saline SFPFS360SP OTC Squeezy Bottle 1 360mls View
Sodium Hyaluronate Ostenil MWOST01A CLA, POM Prefilled Syringe 1 20mg / 2mls View
Sodium Hyaluronate Ostenil MWOST01B POM Prefilled Syringe 1 40mg / 2mls View
Sodium Lactate Hartmann's Solution BAFKB2324G POM, IVF IV Bag 1 1000mls View
Sofradex MWSOF03A POM Dropper 1 10ml View
Solpadeine Plus MWSOL05D GSL Capsules 32 View
Solpadol MWSOL03B POM Capsules 100 500/30mg View
Solu-Cortef MWSOL01A POM Vial 1 100mg View
Solu-Cortef (No-Dilutent) MWSOL01B POM Powder 10 100mg View
Spedra (Menarini) MWSEP02A POM Tablets 4 100mg View
Stemetil MWSTE02D POM Tablets 100 5mg View
Stemetil Prochlorperazine MWPRO14A POM Tablets 84 5mg View
Stemetil Prochlorperazine Mesilate MWSTE02A CLA, POM Ampoules 10 12.5mg/1ml View
Stemetil Prochlorperazine Mesilate MWSTE02B POM Tablets 84 5mg View
SteriBlue Freeze DDEXC000 POM, OTC Cold Spray 1 200ml View
Steriflex Glucose FR22-95-246 POM, IVF IV Bag x 1 10% / 500mls View
Steriflex Glucose No 7 FR22-95-490 POM, IVF IV Bag 1 10% / 1 litre View
Steriflex IV Solution Glucose FR22-95-148E POM, IVF IV Bag 20 5% / 500mls View
Sterile Irrigation Water PMPAMW1000 GSL Bottle 1 1000mls View
Sterile Irrigation Water PMPAMW500 GSL Bottle 1 500mls View
Sterile Water Irrigation PMPAMW45(SINGLE) GSL Twist Top Ampoule 1 45mls View
Sterimar Hypertonique MWSTE07A OTC Nasal Spray 1 50ml View
Sterimar Hypertonique MWSTE07B OTC Nasal Spray 1 100ml View
Stesolid (Diazepam) MWSTE20A WOR Rectal Solution 5 5mg View
Stesolid (Diazepam) MWSTE20B POM Rectal Solution 5 10mg View
Stilnoct MWSTI01A POM Tablets 28 5mg View
Strattera MWSTR02A POM Capsule 28 25mg View
Strattera MWSTR02B POM Capsule 28 40mg View
Strepsils - Honey & Lemon MWSTR01A OTC Lozengers 24 View
Styptic Pencil MWSTY01A P Pencil 1 98.66% / 5g View
Sudocrem MWSUD01A GSL Cream 1 400g View
Sudocrem MWSUD01B GSL Cream 1 60g View
Sunya 20/75 MWSUN01A POM, RV Tablets 3 x 21 20mcg / 75mcg View
Suprax Cefixime MWSUP02C POM Tablets 7 200mg View
Suprefact Buserelyn MWSUP03A POM Vials 2 5.5mls View
Sustanon 250 Testosterone MWSUS01D CLA, POM Ampoule 1 30 / 60 / 60 / 100mg per 1ml View
Synacthen Tetracosactide Acetate MWSYN03A CLA, POM, RF Ampoules 10 1mg / 1ml View
Synphase MWSYN06A POM Tablets 21 - View
Syntometrine MWSYN01A CLA, POM, RF Ampoules 5 0.5mg / 5iu in 1ml View
Synvisc One MWSYN07B CLA, POM Pre-Filled Syringe 1 24mg / 6ml View
Systane Eye Drops MWSYS01A OTC Dropper 1 10ml View
Sytocinon MWSYN02B POM, RF Ampoules 5 5iu / 1ml View

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