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ACBS Advisory Committee on Borderline Substances
CHEM Chemicals
CLA Claimable
GSL General Sales list
IVF I.V Fluids
NP Named Patient
OTC Over the Counter
P Pharmacy Only
POM Prescription Only Medicine
RF Refrigerator Item
RV Reduced VAT
WOR Written Order Required
Product Code Classification Presentation Pack Size Strength / Size  
Tadalafil MWTAD01A POM Tablets 4 20mg View
Tamiflu MWTAM01B POM Capsules 10 75mg View
Tegretol MWTEG02A POM Liquid 1 100mg / 5ml, 300ml View
Tegretol MWTEG02B POM Tablet 56 200mg View
Tegretol MWTEG02C POM Tablet 56 400mg View
Telfast Fexofenadine MWTEL01B POM Tablets 30 180mg View
Telfast Fexofenadine MWTEL01A POM Tablets 30 120mg View
Temazepam MWTEM01A WOR Elixir 300ml 10mg / 5ml View
Temazepam MWTEM01B POM, WOR Tablets 28 10mg View
Temazepam MWTEM02A POM, WOR Tablets 28 20mg View
Terbinafine MWTER03A POM Tablets 28 250mg View
Terbinafine MWTER03B GSL Cream 1 1% / 15g View
Terbinafine MWTER03D POM Tablets 14 250mg View
Terbinafine HCL MWTER03C POM Cream 1 1% 30g View
Terbinafine Lamisil MWLAM01E POM Tablets 28 250mg View
Terbinafine Lamisil MWLAM02A POM Tablets 14 250mg View
Terbinafine Lamisil AT MWLAM01B GSL Spray 1 15ml View
Terra-cortril MWTER04A POM Ointment 1 30g View
Testosterone Sustanon 250 MWSUS01D CLA, POM Ampoule 1 30 / 60 / 60 / 100mg per 1ml View
Testosterone Undecanoate Nebido MWNEB02A CLA, POM Ampoule 1 1000mg / 4mls View
Tetracaine Minims MWMIN01K POM Dropper 20 0.5% View
Tetracaine Minims MWMIN01L POM Eye Dropper 20 1% View
Tetracosactide Acetate Synacthen MWSYN03A CLA, POM, RF Ampoules 10 1mg / 1ml View
Tetracycline MWTET01C POM Tablets 28 250mg View
Tetralysal MWTET01D P Capsules 28 300mg View
Thixo D - Cal Free MWTHI02A OTC Powder 1 30g View
Thixo D - Original MWTHI02B ACBS Powder 1 375g View
Tick Borne Encephalitis MWTIC01A POM Vial 1 0.5ml View
TicoVac MWTIC02A CLA, POM, RF Pre-filled Syringe 1 0.5ml View
Timolol Eye Drops MWTIM02A POM Dropper 1 0.25%, 5ml View
Timolol Eye Drops MWTIM02B POM Dropper 1 0.5% / 5ml View
Tinzaparin MWTIN02A POM Syringe 10 3500iu/0.35ml View
Tisept MWTIS01B GSL Sachets 10 100ml View
Tisept MWTIS01A GSL Sachets 25 25ml View
Tobradex MWTOB01A POM Dropper 1 5ml View
Toradol MWTOR02A CLA, POM Ampoules 5 30mg / ml View
Tracrium Atracurium Besilate MWTRA01C POM, RF Ampoule 5 10mg / 5ml View
Tracrium Atracurium Besilate MWTRA01D POM, RF Ampoule 5 10mg / 2.5ml View
Tradorec XL (Tramadol) MWTRA07A POM Tablets 30 100mg View
Tradorec XL (Tramadol) MWTRA07B POM Tablets 30 200mg View
Tradorec XL (Tramadol) MWTRA07C POM Tablets 30 300mg View
Tramadol MWTRA03F WOR Ampoules 10 50mg/ml 2ml View
Tramadol MWTRA03A WOR Capsules 100 50mg View
Tramadol MWTRA03C WOR Capsules 30 50mg View
Tramadol Hydrochlor Zamadol MWZAM01A CLA, WOR Ampoules 5 100mg / 2mls View
Tramadol Hydrochlor Zydol MWZYD01B CLA, WOR Ampoules 5 100mg / 2mls View
Tramadol Hydrochlor Zydol MWZYD01B-CLE CLA, WOR Ampoules 5 100mg / 2mls View
Tramadol S/R MWTRA03D WOR Tablet 60 200mg View
Tramadol S/R MWTRA03E WOR Tablet 60 100mg View
Tranexamic Acid MWTRA05D POM Liquid 10 500mg/5ml View
Tranexamic Acid MWTRA05A POM Tablets 60 500mg View
Triadene MWTRI06A POM, RV Tablets 3 x 21 Combination View
Trimethoprim MWTRI02A POM Tablets 14 200mg View
Trimethoprim MWTRI02C POM Tablets 28 100mg View
Trinovum MWTRI04A POM, RV Tablets 3 x 21 Combination View
Triptorelin SR Decapeptyl MWDEC03A CLA, POM Vial + Diluent 1 3mg View
Triregol MWTRI07A POM, RV Tablets 3 x 21 Combination View
Tropicamide Minims MWMIN01B POM Eye Dropper 20 0.5% View
Tropicamide Minims MWMIN01C POM Eye Dropper 20 1% View
Trosyl Tioconazole MWTRO02A POM Nail Solution 1 28% / 12mls View
Trusopt MWTRU02A POM Eye Drops 1 2% / 5ml View
Tylex MWTYL01A POM Capsules 100 30mg/500mg View
Typhim VI (Thyphoid Immunisation) MWTYP01B CLA, POM, RF Pre-Filled Syringe 1 25mcg / 0.5ml View
Tyrozets MWTYR01A OTC Lozenge 24 View

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