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Peezy Midstream Urine Collector x 1

Peezy MSU Urine Collection Device

Designed by a doctor, Peezy is a revolutionary, disposable, hygienic and elegant midstream urine (MSU) collection device designed specifically for women.

NHS Prescription Services will reimburse Peezy at £0.99 each (equivalent to product code D952).

The Peezy collection device offers dignity to female patients who are required to provide a urine sample for medical analysis and its hygiene benefits can help the fight against healthcare-acquired infection - a growing problem in healthcare systems around the world.

Tests have shown that the Peezy system provides a far higher standard of MSU than other methods of collection. The improved sample purity reduces the need for retesting, resulting in cost savings for your surgery.

Peezy collection devices are sold singly or in packs of 20 or 60 units. They are individually wrapped and are supplied complete with one urine collection bottle with lid and comprehensive user instructions. Now available with Boric Acid Container.

How Peezy Works

A standard 30ml universal container is attached to the Peezy funnel, which is designed to fit comfortably against the female perineum
The patient passes urine as normal in a single flow
Peezy expels the unwanted first-burst urine (10 to 15ml) from the bottom of the funnel
The expanded cellulose sponge allows back up of midstream urine to fill the universal container
Excess urine is voided through the U-duct exhaust and the slow flow through the expanded sponge

When the patient has finished, she simply detaches the container from the funnel. The urine falls to well below the top of the container ensuring that there is no spillage. The used Peezy can be disposed of via the surgery's own clinical waste system for incineration.

Users of the Peezy are left with a dry bottle, dry label and dry hands; the clinic is left with a dry, clean toilet seat and floor, virtually negating the risk of cross-contamination of between and among patients and staff.

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