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Hyfrecator 2000 Electrolase Sterile Tips - Various Options Available- Medical Products

Hyfrecator 2000 Tips Blunt Electrolase Sterile x 50

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Hyfrecator 2000 Electrosurgery Tips

Electrodesiccation, fulguration and coagulation. 0-35 watts monopolar & bipolar. When it comes to your patients' care...accept nothing short of Excellence!

Pack includes: reusable hand switching pencil, starter box of non-sterile electrolase tips (blunt & sharp), wall mount kit, operators manual and training videos.

Complete all-in-one ready-to-use diathermy machine;
Allows a wide range of procedures to be performed;
Remote power control, saving procedure time;
Allows 3 separate power settings to be stored (low power, hi power and bipolar)

In terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness, there is little to compare with the Hyfrecator 2000, the latest and best model in the long line of Hyfrecators which, for more than half a century, have been the most popular electrosurgical accessory for outpatient and office-based surgery.

The Hyfrecator allows precise destruction of all types of cutaneous lesion (both superficial and deep) and controls surgical bleeding simply, quickly and effectively...is widely used for outpatient procedures that range from epilation to vasectomy...is commonly used by Dermatologists & GPs in conjunction with curettage for the destruction of small well-defined skin cancers such as basal cell carcinoma.
Also for the treatment of: Benign Moles, Common viral warts, Seborrhoeic warts, Skin tags, Solar keratoses, Spider naevi, Telangiectasias, Venereal warts, etc.

The Hyfrecator is more versatile and can be used to treat more conditions than any type of electrocautery or cryotherapy equipment. It delivers rapid, precise destruction of all types of cutaneous malformation, including telangiectasia and unwanted hair growth. It can provide controlled tissue coagulation and precise surgical haemostasis using bipolar coagulation. Small lesions can be treated without anaesthesia.

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