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Scrotal Suspensory Bandages - Various Sizes Available

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Suspensory Bandages - Cotton

These bandages are developed using high quality cotton material in accordance with international quality standards. All the bandages offered by us are widely used in various hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. Further, our entire range is thoroughly tested on the basis of well defined quality parameters so that only sterilized by gamma irradiation material is developed at clients location within the committed time-period.


Consists of cotton tape having width x length: 2.5 cm x 95 cm
Light adjustable waistband
Provides support for the scrotum
100% cotton soft knitted pouch

All models available in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Extra Extra Large

How to Size a Scrotal Support Suspensory

A scrotal support suspensory is used for post-op recovery and treatment of scrotal probelms. This unique device will help maintain the integrity and comfort of the scrotal area. Coming in varying sizes, it is important to know which size will work for you, to maintain your comfort during healing.

Many users assume that a scrotal support suspensory is measured by waist, much like an athletic cup (or jockstrap). With a scrotal support device, sizing is based upon the inflammation of the scrotum. Hence, if your scrotum is extremely swollen an X-Large pouch may be the size for you, but if you are experiencing minor swelling a Medium or Large size should be capable of managing your needs.

Step One:
First measure the scrotum across from one side to the other beginning at the crease between leg and scrotum.

Step Two:
Next measure the scrotum from just under the penis around the scrotum to the rectum.

Size Chart:
Medium - Fits upto 8 inches x 10 inches
Large - Fits upto 12 inches a 14 inches
Extra large - Fits upto 16 inches x 18 inches

You can request help from your doctor, or estimate what your average size is and base your level of swollenness off of that to ensure proper fit. If sized too small, the suspensory will be too tight and uncomfortabe. If you choose a size too big, the suspensory will not be able to support the scrotal area properly.

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