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Schurr White Chiro Clog - Without Heel Strap W/ Removable Inner Sole - Various Sizes Available

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Size: 3.5
AW3 2250 00 80/W/3.5
Size: 4
AW3 2250 00 80/W/4
Size: 4.5
AW3 2250 00 80/W/4.5
Size: 5
AW3 2250 00 80/W/5
Size: 5.5
AW3 2250 00 80/W/5.5
Size: 6
AW3 2250 00 80/W/6
Size: 6.5
AW3 2250 00 80/W/6.5
Size: 7
AW3 2250 00 80/W/7
Size: 7.5
AW3 2250 00 80/W/7.5
Size: 8
AW3 2250 00 80/W/8
Size: 8.5
AW3 2250 00 80/W/8.5
Size: 9
AW3 2250 00 80/W/9
Size: 9.5
AW3 2250 00 80/W/9.5
Size: 10
AW3 2250 00 80/W/10
Size: 10.5
AW3 2250 00 80/W/10.5
Size: 11
AW3 2250 00 80/W/11
Size: 12
AW3 2250 00 80/W/12
Size: 13
AW3 2250 00 80/W/13

For more than 30 years the name SCHURR has been associated with high quality, comfortable footwear. Hand made in Germany for constant quality, we are proud to present just a small selection of Schurr Professional and Safety Shoes.

Antistatic - with removable inner sole
##Crafted from polyurethane with a wide fitting for increased comfort
##Detachable and replaceable insoles make this clog ideal for departments where large numbers of people may use the same shoe body
##Individual users can be supplied with their own insoles thereby increasing hygiene and reducing the risk of cross infection
##Worn, damaged or soiled insoles can be replaced quickly and cheaply
##Side ventilation holes ensure air circulation and prevent heat build up
##Available with or without heel strap
##Colour coding available for use in specific areas
##Shoe size embossed on the heel for easy sorting and storage, (available - sizes 3.5 - 13UK)
##The clogs are tested to withstand all types of mechanical cleaning and may be washed and disinfected at temperatures up to 70°C

Ideal for wearing in the following areas:
##Operating theatres
##Electronics departments

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