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Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor (Omron) Nightview Automatic

  • Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor (Omron) Nightview Automatic
Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor (Omron) Nightview Automatic

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Omron NightView Automatic Silent Wrist BP Monitor

NightView is the first at-home wrist monitor designed to measure nighttime blood pressure. Even with controlled daytime blood pressure, 1 in 4 people still has a condition called nocturnal hypertension.

With NightView, you can:
• Get the full picture of your blood pressure – both night-time and daytime
• Monitor your progress and share data with your doctor to help improve treatment plans
• Accurate, regular tracking of both daytime and nighttime blood pressure gives the full picture to help increase the chance of an early nocturnal hypertension diagnosis. A wrist cuff device like NightView helps better assess the progress of nocturnal hypertension

Product benefits
Automatic and accurate
• With accommodations for different lifestyles and sleep patterns, NightView automatically measures blood pressure at 2:00 AM1, 4:00 AM and 4 hours after switching to nocturnal mode3. Plus, NightView is clinically validated for accuracy in different positions, even if the wrist rotates during sleep.

Comfortable and silent
• NightView features an innovative wrist-cuff design for comfort and ease of use, as well as recessed buttons to avoid accidental contact during sleep. The device has completely silent pumping action for minimal sleep disturbance and measures with gentle inflation and less compression time.

Tracks data for you to share
• NightView tracks and syncs blood pressure data with the OMRON connect app, compatible with iOS 10 and above, and Android OS 7 and above. Intuitive dashboard provides a quick overview of blood pressure patterns. Easily and remotely share your progress with your doctor.

Packaging content
• Main unit
• Battery set - 2x “AAA” alkaline batteries
• Storage case
• Instruction manual
• Blood pressure pass.

How to use the device:

Follow IM for detailed instructions! Please, review Instruction Manual for the full details on the application of this product.
Main steps:
1. Prepare for a measurement. 30 mins prior the measurement, you shouldn’t drink alcohol, smoke, have a hot shower, consume hot beverages, eat or exercise. 5 minutes before the measurement relax and rest.
2. Download the “OMRON connect” App.
3. Install the batteries.
4. Pairing the smart device
5. Set the date and time.
6. Apply the arm cuff on the left arm properly. (On using the right arm instead, consult Chapter 2.5 in IM).
7. Sit correctly and place your arm at your heart’s level. Remain still and don’t talk.
8. Start the measurement by pressing the START/STOP button.
9. Check the positioning indicator. Remain still and do not move or talk until the entire measurement process is completed.
10. Check the readings. Consult Section 6 of IM if any error messages may appear.
11. Using Bluetooth to transfer the data automatically/manually to your smart device.


• 3x automatic measurement function during the night
• Clinically validated in sitting and supine position with different rotations of the wrist
• Completely silent due to the Piezo pump
• Measuring during the inflation
• Advanced Positioning Sensor
• 1 user - 350 memories
• OMRON connect
• The NightView automatic wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is a clinically validated device

What is it?

A Silent Blood Pressure Monitor, worn on the wrist.

What is it used for?

It is designed to monitor nighttime blood pressure comfortably, to help increase the chance of an early nocturnal hypertension diagnosis.

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