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Blood Pressure Monitor (Omron) 907

  • Blood Pressure Monitor (Omron) 907
Blood Pressure Monitor (Omron) 907



Code: ONHEM-907-UK

Extremely versatile with the option of fully automatic operation or manual readings and a display 'hide' function which helps prevent 'white coat' hypertension.

• Automatic blood pressure monitor which can be used either at the hospital bedside or in a consultation room
• Auscultation mode - this mode allows you to measure blood pressure using anstethoscope, inflates and deflates the cuff automatically
• Large LCD display od SDP (systolic, diastolic and pulse)
• One button operation
• Automatic inflation pressure setting
• Average mode - will automatically take 2 or 3 separate readings and then display the average values
• Arrhythmias - the number of irregular pulse waves is displayed up to 3 times per observation
• Dimensions: 203mm (H) x 139mm (W) x 131mm (L)
• Optional extended tube (1m)
• Includes main unit, a standard adult cuff, rechargeable batteries and an adapter
• Warranty: 2 years (1 year for cuff, battery and adaptor)

What is it?

Blood pressure meter, blood pressure monitor, or blood pressure gauge composed of an inflatable cuff to collapse and then release the artery under the cuff in a controlled manner.

What is it used for?

Measuring the blood pressure of a patient for further diagnosis

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