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  • Dermlite Ii Fluid
Dermlite Ii Fluid



Code: CNDE-L-147

After the original DermLite redefined skin cancer detection with cross-polarized imaging, the all-new DermLite II Fluid is the first DermLite dedicated to traditional immersion fluid dermoscopy. Setting new benchmarks in this established category, this powerful scope offers the most light of any comparable device, the largest lens, button-activated light intensity adjustment, as well as an integrated, rechargeable lithium-ion battery all in a palm-sized package. Plus, since you can attach DermLite II Fluid to a camera* right out of the box, (many cameras require the use of stepping rings, available at camera stores), it's easy to document a lesion in its entirety, due to a surprisingly large field of view.

Traditional Immersion Imaging at its Best.
DermLite II Fluid is by far the brightest immersion dermoscope tool to date. At the push of a button, you can activate 16 or 32 LEDs (light emitting diodes), achieving a maximum output of over 2000 footcandles. Especially when imaging dry, scaly lesions, immersion fluid combined with high light output helps penetrate tissue, generating sharp, high-contrast images ideal conditions for what's really important to you: Easy, quick and precise skin cancer diagnosis.
Always in Focus.
DermLite II Fluid makes it easier than ever to record what you see. You can attach your (digital) camera via the DermLite II Fluid's built-in threaded connection, activate 32 LEDs for maximum illumination and high shutter speeds, and quickly focus via a special focal mechanism designed exclusively for this device. A removable, autoclavable glass faceplate with 10 mm scale comes standard.

A Comprehensive Package.
The DermLite II Fluid is the choice for dermatologists at the cutting edge of traditional skin examination and digital skin documentation using immersion fluids. Each unit comes with 3Gen's 5-year warranty, includes a leather belt case, battery charger, and is packaged in a luxuriously crafted aluminum box.
*Select cameras only. Others require off-the-shelf adapter.

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