Dermlite Dl1 Basic Dermatoscope W/ Magneticonnect

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DermLite DL1 basic Teledermoscopy with any Smartphone The DermLite DL1 basic is a simple-to-use system that enables primary care professionals to monitor moles and skin lesions and send DermLite-quality images to specialists for review. It is the ideal solution for high-risk patients or those with a family history of melanoma, including anyone with a lesion of concern and is unable to see a specialist in person. A simple piece of hardware, a smartphone, and an optional iOS app is all it takes to get started. The Hardware The DermLite DL1 basic device, a development of the proven DermLite DL1 dermatoscope for smartphones, enables clinicians to capture crystal-clear, polarized dermoscopic images of both pigmented and non-pigmented skin lesions. The unit includes a polarized spacer and glass faceplate, a standard USB cable for charging, and the MCC universal adapter that's compatible with virtually any smartphone or tablet.