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Bag Vaccine (Thermal) Dark Blue 10 Ltr + Safety Pack

The 10 litre Vaccine Carrying Bag is suitable for the short-term transportation of any temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. It boasts two strong, durable handles and is lightweight and easy-to-store.

These bags are ideal for vaccination programs lasting up to 8 hours

Comes complete with vaccine safety pack. This helps to maintain the required temperature within the bag, when you are opening and closing it multiple times to access vaccines.

The safety pack consists of:
2 x PolarChill Gel Packs
4 x ½ l PolarBlocks
4 x thermal separators
1 x thermal pillow

The Polar Thermal Vaccine bags are constructed of a unique triple layer insulation developed from the NASA space programme. It comprises an inner reflective layer, with a hollow fibre filler insulation with a robust woven PVC outer fabric. It is lightweight, hygienic, and easily cleaned. All products are waterproof, anti-fungal and have rot proof stitching

Storage capacity 10 litres
Quantity of standard size vaccines: 60-80
Quantity of larger PVT vaccines: 30-40
Weight empty: 0.5 kgs
External surface material: Cotton coated PVC
Internal lining material: Cotton coated PVC
Insulation material Patented Polar Thermal material
Insulation thickness: 45mm
External dimensions: w: 400 h: 200 d: 270
Internal dimensions: w: 350 h: 170 d: 230
Fixings : Zip
Thermal conductance (w/m².k) 1.01 ± 0.1
Thermal conductivity (w/m.k) 0.05 ± 0.005

NHS Approved
Meets the NHS Policy and Procedure for maintaining the vaccine cold chain, when transporting vaccines.
Manufactured by Polar Thermal in the UK
Able to maintain stable temperatures of medical items
Meets all requirements of UK Safety Acts and Health and Safety Executive (HSE) legislation
Developed as a result of work done for the British Ministry of Defence, on developing highly specialised insulation products for non-refrigerated storage
Based on aerospace thermal insulation technology
Custom-made from a triple insulation system proven in service

What is it?

A ten litre thermal vaccine storage bag with an added safety pack for temperature maintenance with repeated zip opening

What is it used for?

Suitable for the short-term transportation of any temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals such as vaccinations




Code: P5P10CB+

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Bag Vaccine (Thermal) Dark Blue 10 Ltr


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